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Helion Issues New Warning to Auto Dealerships: Hackers Targeting Social Media Posts, Don’t Click!

Helion Automotive Technologies, a leading provider of information technology (IT) solutions for auto and truck dealers, today issued a new data security warning for auto dealerships. Hackers are now planting malware inside of social media posts designed to lure employees of organizations to click on the post. If an employee takes the bait and clicks […]

What is a DDos Attack?

You’ve probably heard the term DDoS in the news recently when it comes to cyber security.  So, what is a DDoS? DDoS, or “Distributed Denial of Service” is a type of cyber-attack that is meant to be very disruptive. DoS stands for “denial of service” and refers to an attack that overwhelms a system with […]

Phone System Down! Now What?

Do you have the right backups in place? Recently, a Helion client had an issue where the phone lines for an entire store went down. For many dealers, this would be a huge fiasco. Business would essentially come to halt. No customers would be able to call in to check on the status of their […]

Acquiring a Dealership? Five IT Issues to Consider.

Every so often we get a call from a client that goes something like this: “We just closed on a new dealership,” or “We’re finalizing a deal right now and want to integrate their IT network/software systems into the rest of our group’s. How long will it take?” When I tell them 60 to 90 […]

This Overlooked Tool is Guaranteed to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

If you’re like most dealers when I say the term ‘collaboration tool,’ you may have no idea what I’m talking about. However, when I say the term ‘Instant Messaging’ you know what I’m talking about, but you may not like it. Remember a decade or so ago, when IM apps were all the rage in […]

5 Tech Upgrades Your Dealership Needs to Sell Cars Online

A recent article in Automotive News states the era of online car sales has arrived. Some dealerships already offer customers the ability to transact most, if not all, of the purchase experience online. AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson said that in January 2017, 30 percent of AutoNation’s new-vehicle sales were transacted online. Experts predict this trend […]

Network Problems? IT Assessments Offer Relief and Guidance.

Are information technology (IT) problems slowing your business down? If your dealership experiences frequent network crashes, slow Internet or complaints from employees about technologies that don’t work properly, it’s time to do an assessment of your IT infrastructure. The world of technology evolves at a rapid pace, so if your dealership hasn’t been keeping up, […]

Upgrade Alert!

ADP Workforce Now will begin to require that users access the site in Internet Explorer 11. In the near future, ADP will no longer support Internet Explorer versions 9 or 10. All users of ADP Workforce Now must update their browsers before June 10, 2017. Users who do not update their browser prior to June […]

Helion Automotive Technologies Issues Proactive Security Recommendations for Auto Dealerships’ Customer Data Breaches

Helion Automotive Technologies, a leading Information Technology (IT) Managed Services Provider, today issued proactive security recommendations for auto dealerships that may experience customer data breaches. The recommendations come on the heels of an incident that occurred last month and was widely reported in news outlets. In February, a disgruntled employee with a CRM vendor circulated […]

Three Technology Upgrades to Attract the Best Millennial Talent

Does your dealership have what it takes to attract the best talent? When it comes to hiring, business owners often promote their pay, benefits, culture, opportunities and other perks. What often gets overlooked–but should be included–is the state of their information technology (IT) infrastructure. Millennials, in particular, are very technology savvy and expect workplaces to […]